Hormone Pellets

During menopause, your estrogen levels fall. Some women get uncomfortable symptoms like hot flashes and vaginal dryness. HRT (also known as hormone therapy, menopausal hormone therapy, and estrogen replacement therapy) is the most effective treatment for menopause symptoms.


Where do I get my pellets?

All appointments for pellet labs or pellet insertion take place in the gynecological clinic.  Call (251) 990-1985 for all appointments.

What are pellets?

Pellets are pressed and fused compounded medication of testosterone or estrogen.  They are considered BIOIDENTICAL which means they are identical in molecular structure to hormones that are made by our bodies.  They are a little larger than a grain of rice, and are used for hormone replacement therapy.

Where do pellets come from?

The pellets we use our purchased from Burnham Drugs—a licensed, compounding pharmacy located in Moss Point, MS.

How do I get a pellet?

If you are interested in becoming a pellet patient, you must first schedule an appointment with one of our providers.  At this appointment, we will discuss your concerns and symptoms and then draw blood to determine your hormone levels.  This initial blood work will look at CBC (blood count), cholesterol, estrogen, testosterone, and vitamin D.  Pellets are used to treat symptoms as well as actual hormone level deficiencies.

  • All new female patients must provide records of a current pap smear and mammogram prior to scheduling a pellet insertion.
  • All established female patients must stay current with annual pap smears and mammograms to continue hormone therapy.
  • Current male patients must have a prostate exam annually to continue hormone therapy.

Does insurance cover the pellet insertion?

No.  All pellets are cash pay.  You may pay with cash, credit card or personal check.  Females cost $350.00.  Males cost $800.00.  Payment in full is due the day of your pellet appointment. The insertion code must be filed to your insurance but reimbursement is not expected.

We will, however, file your initial consultation with your insurance and that is subject to your plan’s normal coverage for an office visit and co-pay.  Please be aware of your coverage and co-pay prior to coming to your appointment.

All lab tests will be filed to your insurance by the lab here on site and subject to your normal contractual coverage. If your plan requires that you use a specific lab, we will provide you with lab orders. Knowledge of your lab coverage is solely the responsibility of the patient.  

What happens after my first pellet?

After the first pellet, we expect you to experience relief of symptoms within two to four weeks.  Everyone is different as far as how long it takes you to experience relief.  It’s based on your body’s metabolism.  You will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment four weeks after the first pellet.  You will see a provider and have lab work to check your current estrogen and/or testosterone levels.  This office visit will be billed to your provider and is subject to your usual co-pay.

After that visit, you will make an appointment for lab work only in about 3 and a half months in order to prepare for your next pellet.  Pellets may be placed every three to six months.  At this lab appointment, you may make your next pellet appointment.

Do not expect a phone call to discuss lab results.  Your provider will discuss them at the pellet insertion appointment.



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